Works by genre: songs | orchestra | instrumental | TV/film


April Rhapsody (Can You Feel the Sun?) (2012, BMI# 15756911), song for voice, flute, and piano, with lead sheet chords. [ Listen on YouTube ]

April Song (2012, BMI# 15796259), voice and piano – setting of poem by Sara Teasdale [ Listen Now, Free MP3 ]

Brave Little Boy (2013), ballad for voice and contemporary combo. [Demo in progress]

Feel Again (2013, BMI# 15756909), voice and piano, optional clarinet part – a modern spiritual, also arranged for orchestra accompaniment.

If My Life Were a Book (2012, BMI# 15756913), ballad for voice and guitar [ Hear on YouTube ]

The News About Annie (2013, BMI# 15756910), upbeat 60’s style rock’n’roll song.

Searching for Spring (2012), voice and piano – setting of Chinese Zen poem [ Listen Now ]

Springtime of Love (2013, BMI# 15756914), romantic ballad for voice and guitar.
Listen on ReverbNation ] [ Download Free sheet music PDF ]

Wonder (2017, BMI), ballad for voice, piano, and choir.

Works for Orchestra:

Citations Musicales (“Musical Quotations”) (2014, BMI# 017356537) for symphony orchestra – fully orchestrated arrangement of three piano works by Erik Satie. [ Sarabande movement on YouTube ]

Enkidu Suite (2014, BMI# 017138411) for chamber strings – program dance suite inspired by the Gilgamesh epic.

Other Instrumental Pieces:

April in Paris (2013), big band arrangement of the Vernon Duke standard. [ Live Recording ]

Cranes (2014, BMI# 017433570), trio for acoustic guitar, flute, and oboe/clarinet [ YouTubeSoundCloud ]

Epigram (2013, BMI# 15756912), trio for piano, violin and cello or horn in F [ YouTube ]

Leaving the Earth Behind (2015, BMI#19691143), brass quintet – original chamber work.

Norwegian Wood (2015), jazz band arrangement of the Beatles classic.

Piano Sonata No. 1, “Moonshot” (2011, BMI# 15756908), modern piano sonata in three movements: I. Countdown; II. Leaving the Earth Behind; III. Phoebus and Phoebe [ Live Recording | Music Video ]

Rondo for String Quartet (2011, BMI# 15766540) [ YouTube ]

Serenade (2012, BMI# 15756915), trio for piano, flute, and bassoon, or piano and two saxophones [ Listen Now ]

String Quartet No. 1 (2011), quartet for two violins, viola, and cello, in four movements: I. Allegro con brio “Another Star Above;” II. Rondo [ YouTube ]; III. Intermezzo; IV. Aria and fugato “Springtime of Love”

Three Images of Water for Piano (2018, BMI), solo piano in three short movements (approx. 4′ total): I. Serenity, II. Ripples, III. The Fountain. [ YouTube | SoundCloud ]

Whole Blue (2013, BMI# 16181263), original jazz tune arranged for tenor sax, trumpet, trombone, piano, guitar, bass, and drums [ Live Recording ]

Film/TV scoring reel:

Animation Sample Cue – kooky orchestra comic underscore. [ Listen Now ]

Attica! (2015, BMI# 20072375) – gritty 1970s-inspired cop drama underscore.

Maniac Chase (1904 silent film), piano, sample comedy film cue [ Watch on YouTube ]

Mrs. Brenner’s Flight / Cathy and Mitch in the Kitchen (2015, BMI# 20072335) – sample of action and romance underscore. [ Hear on YouTube ]